Honest Review Of The Zcode System

What is it?

The Zcode System is a detailed investing program in sports that is useful to guide you on which sports events one should bet on as well as the events on should avoid. The system is capable of advising on the basis of a huge database it mains that consist of the sports data of last 15 years. The system analyzes these sports data and does it forecasting or prediction based on the historical data.

This review details will give you some insights on how it’s system can predict all the sports that are popular in the United States such as MLB, NBA, NFL and NHL. And that is not all. Zcode can also analyze data on the major soccer leagues played worldwide including the World Cup, basketball and NCAA and last but not the least about horse racing.


How Zcode has a massive success rate?

Zcode advices its users to follow the A-B-C betting technique which means a bet of 1-unit. If you are losing then go for a 2-unit bet. If you further lose, then you should go for a 3-unit bet. If you gain lose that too, and then you should reset and begin with your “A” bet. If this A-B-C technique of betting is used, then it is proven that the better can come forward with 86.5% of success rate with each series in A-B-C with the help a system.

What are the Merits?

  • Availability of a strong forum- The recommendations made by Zcode is not just machine recommendations but is active too. If there is any particular Zcode is not aware of, for example, injury of a player, the members of the forum would inform you before you put a bet.
  • Constantly updated- Zcode is being updated continuously. That is how it is distinct from an e-book.  It is a sports investing system which is live and proactive.
  • Friendly Support Staff – They have a strong and helpful team of support staff. If you have raised a support ticket with the system, the support system would get back to you within a turnaround time of 24 hours.
  • Pick of the day- The system along with giving you an ocean of sports related information also comes up with pick of the day for example the Alpha and the Delta trends. It is a flexible system unlike many other sports investing system.

What are the demerits?

  • Information Overload- There is often an ocean of information provided by the system which can often be overwhelming for the betters. Many sports investors can turn off after seeing so many analyses such as Power Rankings, pitcher ratings and Win/Loss streaks. There can be as many as 20 recommended bets during the peak seasons of betting.
  • High Price – This is the costliest sports investing system. They charge around $198 every month apart from the “expert picks websites” This system is not for those sports investors who are into casual investing.

Final Word

Zcode despite having a few limitations is arguably one of the best Sporting Investment Software or system. The system is a result of the hard work of a team of expert programmers who spent more than two years conducting the beta-test of this system before its live launch. Want to see it live? Watch this video at youtube.com